Jamie Foxx, Did You Know Katie Holmes Has Herpes?!?!


Oh wow, I know this may be old news to some, but obviously even Jamie Foxx is unaware. Now we see why he has every reason to deny dating Tom Cruise’s ex-wife Katie Holmes. Diary of A Hollywood Street King is reporting the EXCLUSIVE SCOOP!!!

We’ve gotten FIRST word that Tom Cruise gave Jamie Foxx the green light to smash Katie Holmes! Know why? An insider exclusively tells HSK they’re all a part of the same ‘Hollywood Herpes club!’

Sharing spouses ain’t nothing new … Jamie, Tom, Katie … they all used to drop their keys in the bowl for the draw. That’s the Hollywood way.

This NEW news comes as other media outlets step to the plateLATE with their reports of Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes dating. We broke the story first … more than two-months ago! That’s why it’s troublesome to know that none of our counterparts are attributing HSK for our exclusive findings, published back on August 11, 2013.

Check out In Touch’s October 15th report:

“Katie and Jamie have been dating for a while. Jamie has secretly been spending time at Katie’s apartment. They’re very Mission: Impossible about their romance. Early morning in mid-September, a driver pulled in front of the Trump Soho Hotel, prepared to take Jamie to the set of his new flick Annie — but was surprised when Katie stepped into the limo instead. A hotel employee confirmed that Katie had stayed at the hotel with Jamie and that she was taking his car.”

Other Celebrities who have herpes…

1. Paris Hilton

Seriously, are you shocked that Paris has herpes. She�s a beautiful girl and a rich heiress who loves to party. She has STD, she�s been to jail it�s like a game show as we wait to see what pit she�ll fall into next. Do we feel sorry for her? Uh, no. The girl wears Chanel gloves, need we say more.

2. Lindsay Lohan

Party long and party hard landed Lindsay in jail not once but twice. She�s dated guys, she�s dated girls but we don�t believe she�s confused but has an insatiable appetite for a good time.

3. Rhianna

Celebrities usually hold their hand out toward the paparazzi as to say, �I don�t want my picture taken.� Uh, why is Rhianna covering her mouth? Was she being polite because she burp? Once this super star got in the car she took the shawl and wrapped it around her neck and covered her mouth. Was she cold or did the heater go out in the car. Yeah, right.

4. David Beckham

The most famous footballer (that�s soccer player to Americans) in the world. He�s the male model for Armani underwear and has a body like a Greek God. Let�s give him a little playing room here for he did love to play the field as it were.

5. Victoria Beckham

Posh Spice one of the singers of the British girl group �Spice Girls.� To her good fortune and misfortune she married Beckham. Who cares if she has STD when she�s got him!

6. Derek Jeter

If there is a center to the herpes universe then it revolves around Jeter. He�s generously passed STD to the women he�s dated (rumored of course): Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel (who might have given it to Justin Timberlake or he might have gotten it from Britney Spears or Scarlett Johansson), Mariah Carey (who night have given it to Nick Cannon), Vanessa Minnillo (who might have given it to Orlando Bloom) and Scarlett Johansson. Did we not say it was confusing? Jeter might be on the watch list of the Center of Disease Control and Prevention.

7. Britney Spears

Can you believe innocent little Britney was once in the Mickey Mouse club? She�s all grown up now and traveled the world. Some vacation spots she should have just passed right on by, but the girl loves to party. Spears was spotted picking up a prescription for zovirax (medication for herpes) in Kentwood.

8. Jessica Alba

Rumors suggest she hit a home run with Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees. A former assistant of Alba stated that he regularly filled her prescription for Valtrex medication used to treat herpes. Jessica did not care to comment. Why was the assistant fired again?

9. Brad Pitt

Voted twice by �People Magazine� as the �Sexiest Man Alive.� No arguments here. Rumors suggest Angelina Jolie gave him herpes during the filming of the movie, �Mr. and Mrs. Smith.� Of course he was still married to Jennifer Anniston at the time. So does he or does he not have herpes and do women really care. Look at him, he�s drop-dead gorgeous!

10. Alyssa Milano

She was a child star by the time she was eleven. In her twenties she became a producer of her television series, �Charmed� and garnered eight tattoos along the way. She�s a big fan of sports: football, hockey and baseball. If only she had kept away from baseball players she might not be on the list.

11. Janet Jackson

This pop star of the Jackson family dynasty kept her private life private until a former chef sued her for using his name to order prescribed medications including zovirax which treats herpes. News and photos of medications under the chef�s name first appeared on the online magazine, �Smoking Gun.� Seriously, Janet, with all the attention Michael amassed over the years no one would have looked twice at you.

12. Orlando Bloom

Say it ain�t so! This hot British actor stole the hearts of women in both �Lord of the Rings� trilogy and �Pirates of the Caribbean� franchise. Rumored to have contracted herpes through celebrity personality Vanessa Minnillo we can only ask, �Why oh why did you have to date an American?�

13. Jessica Biel

She literally stole Justin Timberlake away from Cameron Diaz, or so the rumors suggest. Now she has herpes. Is this Karma? We can�t say that she and Justin don�t look like the perfect couple. We can say it�s probably not a good idea to engage in a threesome.

14. Colin Farrell

Bad boy loved to play back in the day. He was into everything and apparently everyone. Colin has since cleaned up his act and is now sober, however he�ll always have a reminder of those party-hard nights.

Source: DHSK

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